Pets are welcome but must be checked in and have a waiver signed agreeing to the pet rules. Visitors with pets may come for the day but must observe the same rules and pay the same fee. We charge $10 per day for each pet. We expect them leashed at all times when outdoors and that they be walked away from the beach and playground areas to poop/pee. If a mess occurs on the grounds you need to clean it up. There is a perfect trail through the woods if you want to give a good walk. No pets should be on the All Seasons side of the property which is marked by hedges on the drive, a fence and hedges on the beach area. Please don't tie dogs to the trees and leave them while you go away. Kennel them in the cabin or porch. Barking and growling in a threatening manner is prohibited. You know your  animals and whether they can handle crowds or not. Don't put them or others at risk. We ask you not to use our beds and couches for pets to sleep on. Bring their pet beds. Starting in 2019 we plan to charge an extra pet deposit which will only be refunded if no damage repairs  or extra cleaning are needed.

Pets must be vaccinated and flea treated. 

Cabin 1   3 br with 1 bath $160 per night and $1000 per week..

Cabin 6 2 br off lake $110 per night and $695 per week.

Cabin 2  3 Br with 2 bathrooms$200 per night and $1200 per week 

Cabin 7 is a two bedroom with loft. $110 daily or $695 weekly

Pictures of 3-4-5  which are lakefront screen  porch cabins will be uploaded soon. Also cabin 8 which is an off lake 2 bedroom rents for $690 for the week and $110 by the day.

The interiors are very similar to 6 and 7. 

3 is 3 bedroom with a loft and has a queen, a full and 2 twin beds. Rents for $130 per day and $760 per week.

4 is a 2 bedroom with 1 queen, 1 full and 1 twin and rents for $700 per week and $120 per day.

5 is a 2 bedroom with 1 queen, 2 twin beds. 5 rents for $700 per week and $120 per day.