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​Water front activities

​Pavilion Use

  • The pavilion is free to use for all people staying and visiting here unless someone or some group wants a special private event which excludes all other people from using it. In that event we will charge  a fee based on the amount of hours or days needed. Most of the time people can reserve a specific time during their stay here and share with the other guests also staying here for no extra cost. We have had meetings, group picnics, reunion dinners, and wedding receptions which happened where the pavilion had to be rented. 
  • ​Please clean up after your meals or activities. If you use the pavilion kitchen area make sure to clean that too. Don't leave food in the refrigerator unless you have permission to do so.
  • You may decorate for your activity as long as you leave it like you found it when you are done. 
  • ​Even when renting the pavilion the restroom next to the pavilion will need to be available to those nonguests who are using the waterfront or visiting for the day.
  • Using the waterfront blob and slide require wristbands to be purchased at the office for both guests and visitors. A waiver needs to be signed. The wristbands cost a fee. 
  • Visitors just joining others who are renting here only need wristbands if they use the blob and slide, SUP boards, boats, or canoes and kayaks. We also have visitors here who come just to rent boats or launch their own boats. Those people need to sign a waiver and check in at the office but don't need a wristband.
  • ​The wristbands are to be worn for the whole time you are here. If you aren't a guest here but have purchased a wristband and have signed a waiver you may come and go according to your agreement with us. Let us know if you lose or break the band and we will provide a new one. We want safety for all the people here and need to know who is on the property at all times.
  • By signing the waiver you are agreeing that you have access to emergency medical care for any injuries and are not holding us accountable. We have the right to ask for proof of insurance.
  • We ask that if you turn on the water for the slide that you turn it off if no one else is using it. We may turn the breaker off if we see that it is left on for extended periods of time with no one using it.
  • ​​Rowboats are free to use for guests staying here. If you have a wristband you may also use the rowboats for free. We charge nonguests a fee if they are here to attach their own motors to our boats. We also rent the boats with motors and the pontoons. We don't limit our rentals to those staying in cabins. Please report strangers to the office if you notice them using the boats because we again want all here to be safe on this property. Anyone using boats is required to have onboard enough lifejackets for everyone. Please don't smoke on the pontoons. Leave the boats the way you found them. 
  • The typical day for renting a pontoon or boat is 12 hours. The fee is posted for less than that. We also rent by the week.  If you rent and cancel a pontoon you can be refunded for the days you don't use it based on a pro-rated  fee schedule.
  • Please don't use the pontoons unless you paid to rent them.
  • ​Don't use the blob tower for a place to park boats and to fish from. The blobtower is for swimming area activities only.
  • Renting a watercraft means that you use it for a specified period not breaking it up in smaller units of time unless we have agreed to that ahead. 
  • Cabin Rentals
  • We book cabins via email or phone call or in person only. There is no option to book on this website. 
  • A deposit is required to hold a cabin and the rate is $250 for a weekly rental and $100 for a daily
  • In order to get your deposit refunded the unit must be cancelled in time to re-rent it for the same period of time. We will always allow you to transfer your deposit to another stay.
  • There are groups and families who reserve cabins through one spokesperson who does the communication with us which means that all members of the group or family may not be aware of the policies and rules. We advise everyone to read the website and their rental agreement so they know what their rights are.
  • We require individual families to sign the waiver form even if the family\group representative has signed for the group if there are members using the blob,slide. or watercraft.
  • ​We accept reservations for only one year in advance. If for example you need to cancel this year and want to hold your place for the following year because your group or family has rebooked we cannot do that unless the cabin is available on the last day of that week for you to reserve. You must wait until that week passes and then confirm. If someone else books that cabin for the entire week because you have cancelled they will have the option to rebook for the following season.
  • ​Anyone booking a cabin for an entire week has the first option of rebooking that cabin for the following year if they do that by the end of that week. If not confirming that desire to rebook with the office then we consider that rental unit to be available for anyone else to take.